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At Sigma we recognize that the company’s “brand” is defined by each and every one of our associates, so we set them up to contribute and succeed as quickly as possible. We don’t have months of classroom training.  We believe learning is a contact sport, so our training is very hands on.  Simply put, we are “blue collar, work boots professionals”.  We not only teach people the work, we teach people to work and help them build the mental muscles and habits that will last a lifetime.

TEAM.  Sigma strives to maintain a supportive environment.  We provide thorough guidance so that everyone understands what is expected, enough flexibility that individual creativity and strengths are nurtured and enough information that everyone understands what the organization and client are trying to accomplish.

One other thing about our team … we don’t like hierarchy. Sure, everyone has a role; but ability, as opposed to job title, is everything. We want our people to take ownership and show initiative.  We know that taking initiative means people will sometimes make mistakes. That’s ok, because making mistakes means you are learning.

Merit.  Don’t misunderstand us, it’s not easy. Working for a small company isn’t all roses. Our “team building exercises” are doing real things in the real world trying to make a real difference. Sigma associates work hard. Sigma fosters a team culture, but success is up to you. Merit and advancement are based on personal commitment, sustained performance and individual growth because we believe that’s the way it should be.

If Sigma sounds like a fit and you are looking for a challenge, apply here.