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โ€œKeeping things simple is hard workโ€, Anonymous

We have broken our services into:

Product โ€“ The outcome of our service effort is drawings, data and communications.ย  By dissecting each deliverable into its simplest characteristics we can determine priorities with our clients and measure our success.ย  We can set agreed upon standards tolerances.

Process โ€“ The steps taken to produce our design products.ย  By analyzing each step, opportunities for failure can be identified and classified based on potential product impact.

Provision โ€“ Controls to assure the process delivers the product within tolerances. These are in the form of training, instructions, guides, checklists and quality control tools.

Personnel โ€“ The key component in the process.ย  The system must provide information needed for each contributor to be successful.ย  Contributors must self-manage their scope, schedule and effort budget.