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Ryan Hetrick founded Sigma Technologies, Ltd. in 1998 and continues to serve as President today.  Mr. Hetrick’s early career experience in service innovation, customer support and new business development in the field of engineering design inspired his corporate strategy of process driven project management that connects client expectations to design functions.


In 1999 Sigma won its first major project with a large, regional multiple system operator delivering voice, video and data services to the greater Toledo area.  Sigma was hired to provide field and design services for an upgrade of a hybrid fiber coax network that served an MSA with a population over 650,000.  Shortly thereafter, in 2000, the company secured its first significant power company contract with an agreement to provide electrical distribution design services for an investor owned utility that supplies electricity to over 6 million customers in Michigan, a relationship that still exists today and is stronger than ever.

Despite these early successes, building a consulting and design firm in the telecommunications and power utility industries is no small task, especially considering the company’s formative years coincided with what was arguably the worst crash in the history of telecom (the bursting of the dot com bubble).  Yet Sigma thrived due to repeat business from a diverse client base and a commitment to excellence ensured by a strict regimen of process and control.


Over the years Sigma has grown from just a few employees in Northwest Ohio to a large and diverse team of field technicians, drafters, designers and engineers serving customers across the Great Lakes region.  Our services and capabilities have also expanded along the way, but the one thing that remains the same is our commitment to high quality work, the satisfaction of our clients and the personal and professional growth of our employees.