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Mary Jane Pozydaev – Fielder

“I work pretty long hours regularly with Sigma, but the job flexibility that Sigma offers makes working those long hours very worth it. I travel a lot so it is very easy to schedule my trips around my work. I was extremely interested in Sigma when I read the job description for my position. I was intrigued by the design work and the field work. I liked the fact that I’d be able to switch up my days and work in the field as well as at home. Every day would be different. I don’t enjoy being in an office all day, so this job has been ideal. I am much more productive this way so it is great for both me and Sigma. I went to school and studied civil engineering, so everything at Sigma was new to me when I was hired. I learned everything from scratch and that’s a huge reason I was interested in joining the team. I was able to learn the way Sigma operated and that allows me to do my job exactly how they expect it. They offer great opportunities and you can grow professionally pretty quickly and work your way up.”

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Brandon Bondy – Project Manager

“The number one thing that I love most about working for Sigma are the people. Sigma hires good people and I think that is their best strength. We have a great recruiting department. I can’t stress enough how much more I enjoy my job because of the group of people I get to interact with. It makes all the difference. I would love more interaction! I really enjoy the technology aspect of everything as well. I work from home a lot so having the ability to do video chats is a great thing. This job definitely keeps me on my toes which is a plus. The personnel aspect is a constant learning process; learning how to deal with problems, how to handle different personalities and backgrounds. I can’t forget to mention the company golf outing…that’s always a good time. Fun competition between SIS and SNS.”

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Jay Carpenter – Project Manager

“After working at Sigma for 13 years now, there is a lot I love about my job. Knowing that I make a difference in the community is a big reason why I love what I do. Any new job that we have here makes a difference in people’s lives, whether the job has big or small improvements. Sigma has created such a great culture and working environment. The people here are great. Even when you are stressed and having a bad day, everyone here has your back. Sigma’s work-life balance is also very ideal. They are very flexible when it comes to scheduling my work into my life. As long as the work is getting done, we can shift and rearrange our schedules as need be. Moving forward, I want to start to be more of a manager on a corporate level and I want to bring other employees up to a project manager level. With a company that is growing daily, those goals are very attainable.”

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Josh Konczal – CAD Drafter

“Sigma hires good people. Everyone is nice and easy to get along with. My supervisor (Bob) has a great open door policy and I can go to him with anything. What I really appreciate is if a mistake is made somewhere, Bob is very quick to let me know what it is, how to fix it, and how to prevent it from happening again. His employees are never in the dark. Flexibility is a big job perk with Sigma, and overtime is available if needed. This makes for a great work-life balance. I had some CAD practice before coming to Sigma, but I learned a lot more once I got here. The pre-construction meetings that we have helped me a lot to understand the industry better.”

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