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K-12 and higher education continue to expand the development of owned communications infrastructure to inter-connect facilities to provide the access demanded by today’s teaching technologies and communications requirements.

Sigma works with them to lead the implementation of infrastructure designs to build new network, enhance existing ones and provide for ongoing maintenance and compliance.


Consulting & Planning

Sigma has the expertise to navigate most any technical challenge our customer’s face.
Our experience in process development, and requests for proposals can open doors and accelerate difficult projects. Because Sigma provides technical, administrative, and managerial expertise, we integrate the technologies, products, service options, and processes that maximize performance and minimize operating costs. Sigma works closely with our customers to understand objectives, assess existing resources, and provide innovative and realistic solutions.

Services Offered:

– Feasibility Studies
– Technology Evaluations
– Request for Proposals
– Process Improvement

Infrastructure Design

Sigma delivers accurate field services and confident designs to our customers day after day. Our in-depth training programs and systematic approach produce consistent, thorough design packages that are verified, in the field and in the office, through our quality assurance program. To strengthen and develop our customers’ infrastructure, Sigma designers make sound decisions rooted in years of hands-on experience. Sigma has the technical, administrative and management skills to design efficient architectures, expedite permits and easements, and lead projects that are of high quality, on-time, and within budget.

Services Offered:

– Plant Audits & Evaluations
– Aerial Design (Telecom)
– Pole Loading Design
– Joint Use & Make Ready

Data Design

Sigma provides the consulting, planning and records expertise needed for the high speed, high volume data services demanded for today and tomorrow. Our innovative configurations help our customers gain significant returns on their investment. Sigma makes certain our customers can deliver their services economically, consistently and rapidly. Because Sigma supplies technical, administrative and management expertise, we offer complete services from concept through installation.

Services Offered:

– Switch & Router Selection
– Equipment Testing & Configuration
– Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Design
– Virtual Private Networking (VPN)
– Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexing (DSLAM)
– Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM)
– Transport and Dedicated Services

Video Design

Sigma has the consulting, planning and records expertise to implement, improve, or expand our customers’ video networks. We have the experience and knowledge to specify quality hardware and institute innovative configurations that contribute to significant returns on investment. Sigma makes certain our customers can deploy their services rapidly and consistently. Because Sigma supplies technical, administrative and management expertise, we offer complete services from concept through installation.

Services Offered:

– Head End: Analog, Digital, IP
– Set-top
– Satellite Systems
– Video-On Demand
– Emergency Alert Systems
– Testing & Monitoring Systems
– Middleware Software

Voice Design

Sigma provides infrastructure, records, consulting and planning, and expertise to improve and expand our customers’ voice services. We have the technical resources to produce accurate and reliable design, and we have the experience to specify the optimal hardware and institute innovative configurations. We make certain our customers can deploy their services rapidly and consistently. Because Sigma supplies technical, administrative and management expertise, we offer complete services from concept through construction.

Services Offered:

– Switch Selection
– Equipment Configuration
– Digital Loop Carrier Design

Access Design

Sigma is a premier firm with a long history of delivering access solutions. Our comprehensive understanding of access gear ensures well-crafted designs, and the power of our exceptional records services guarantee seamless execution. In order to give customers solutions that address immediate needs as well as anticipate future demands, we design access systems that offer interoperability and maximize service capacity and versatility. Sigma provides the knowledge and resources required for our customers to expand their revenue base beyond their connectivity and move toward a universal access infrastructure.

Services Offered:

– FttX
– Copper
– Fiber
– Wireless


Sigma has built an unparalleled reputation of records development and maintenance. Through years of commitment and innovation, Sigma has designed dependable control processes and developed a tremendous amount of expertise. We deliver thorough and accurate records of vital infrastructure and data, and we design versatile systems that organize and make that information easily accessible. With the integration of Computer Aided Design, Geospatial Information Systems, well-designed databases, and valuable data management processes, our customers can operate at their peak performance. Sigma design professionals consult from an unbiased, vendor agnostic position and are experts in many types of CAD and GIS programs. Sigma’s knowledge, talent, and history of success become our customers’ specific advantage.

Services Offered:

– Computer Aided Design & Drafting
– Geospatial Information System Configuration (GIS)
– Asset Surveys, Inventories & Attribute
– CAD & GIS Conversions
– Records Verfication
– As Built Development
– Property Record Development & Maintenance (CPR)
– Software Selection Support RFI/RFP, Configuration,

Construction Services

Sigma bridges the gap between design and construction. Interpreting and communicating our design to a construction team, Sigma ensures the delivery of, and the benefits intended in, the original design. Sigma also processes bids and coordinates projects under the strict regiments of our client’s processes and our rigorous quality assurance program. From concept to construction, Sigma’s projects maximize our customers’ network potential and minimize their costs.

Services Offered:

– Bid Process Management
– Project Management
– Material Management
– As-Built Development